To achieve success and live your best life, you need to understand what success means for you, set goals and take action. Sounds simple. So why do so many people find it difficult to do or are not successful. It may be that you find yourself too busy living from day-to-day to even think about what you could be, do, or have,  or perhaps you are not even sure what you really want from life or work. Even if you do know what you want, you may have self-doubt or have beliefs about yourself or your circumstances that are limiting your success.

As your personal Professional Coach I will give you the space to think clearly, help you focus on your positive strengths, challenge those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset. Through a series of personal coaching sessions your confidence will grow, you will focus on what you want and take real action to make it happen and achieve success.

Why choose me to work with on your journey of success?

Well, I am a fully qualified Personal Performance Coach with a real passion for helping you  be all that you can be. I am committed to my own personal development so that I have the most effective tools and techniques and am Coaching at my optimum performance to ensure the best possible results for you as my client.

I have a lot of experience developing my own and clients' self-belief, positive mind-set and confidence in my corporate work, personal life and now running my own Business and have fantastic testimonials.

So, work with me to tame your fears, nurture your self-belief and unleash the confident you. Discover who you really are and what you want from your work and our life. You can then focus on what you want to be, do or have and take real action to make it happen.

You could take the first step now by sending me an email or giving me a call today and I can send you some more information.

And remember, the first 1/2 hour consultation is free with no obligation, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

All the best


Hello, I'm Heather a Professional Confidence Coach and Well-being advocate.  

As you are visiting my website you already appreciate the incredible value and absolute benefits of working with a Professional Coach.

Heather Gibbon

M: 07870 126 401

Heather Gibbon Coaching and Consultancy Ltd, 4 Bardsley Gate Avenue, Stalybridge, SK15 2TB. Company number 7804545

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See what Heather’s clients say:
“What helped most was to be able to identify what my greatest strengths are in the various areas of my life and to be able to apply those to other areas where I was feeling lost or lacking in direction/confidence”

Sophie V, Business Development Manager, mother of 3
“My coaching sessions with Heather aimed to explore a long held desire to begin freelance work within my specific professional discipline…the path I wanted to take became clearer, I felt more focussed and I made significantly more progress over the period of coaching than in the previous decade.”

Diane D, HR and Training Professional, mother of 1
“I set many session goals, including preparing my business plan, reviewing my financial goals and establishing myself as a coach. With Heather’s expert guidance and support I achieved all of them.”

Janis C, Training and Development Manager